It May Not Look Like an ECO Deck But...

As I drive from job to job is never ceases to amaze me how uninspiring and even downright unappealing the decks are in new development neighborhoods. 

While doing a finish carpentry job in the formal living and dining rooms the homeowner asked me to come outside to get my opinion on his deck.  The previous owner of the property invested a great deal of money on a well designed deck but because it was completely close in under the deck the decking had deteriorated. We removed the decking and surround and power-washed the framing, then allowed it to dry completely before installing the new decking.  We were careful when removing the decking and were able to save the white vinyl hand railing.

Before installing the new decking we checked and corrected all of the framing for level, plumed all of the posts, and replace all of the rotten stair stringer.  We then installed all of the blocking for the new decking perimeter boards and partitions.  The decking went on smoothly with a new pneumatic hidden fastener nailer which drives 3" screws into the framing.  The stair risers and rim board are in white paint grade vinyl (PGV) to compliment the dark wood tone decking. The overall look of the deck exceeded the homeowners hopes and the price was below budget.

95% of each composite decking board contents recycled and reclaimed plastic and wood fibers. 70% of all the plastic bags recycled in the U.S. are part of an in-store collection program used by TREX. 

ECO Building Solutions is "improving the planet one home at a time" .