French Quarter Deck

Another customer another dream deck realized. 

Most development homes come complete with a treated wood deck. The homeowners live with them even though the want more.  Then the time comes when they can wait no longer for their dream deck to be realized  This deck has two sets of 3' wide stairs one off the side and another off the back.  Both ended at ground level into a rain swale.  The homeowners wanted a decked walkway that bridged the swale and terminated on the hillside.  They also wanted one comfortable entertaining area.

The decking material was removed and recycled into a walking path on the property.  We first tested to determine that all the arsenic was gone and then the decking was cut into sections, then laid for a dry walking path through the tree line.

Then the framing was checked for level, new framing and stairs were added, some railing posts were repaired, and blocking was added for the decking details. The new decking was installed on diagonals and were partitioned into 12' sections.  Next the "bridge" was installed and the main stairway was added.  Then the entertainment seating and railing were added. Finally the pergola and lighting was installed. 

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