Nothing Like the Smell of Cedar in the Summer

Another unappealing development home deck, another dream deck realized.

I met with the home owner over the weekend to discuss their dream for what their new deck could be.  The existing deck was a basic 15' square deck with a set of 3' stairs off each side.  They also wanted a stairway off their laundry room.  There was a doorway but no stairs.  After batting around some design ideas and materials we arrived at a design. 

The new deck consisted of a large entertaining area but no railing and a large graceful stairway across the whole front of the deck with two benches acting as railing on each side.  The stairs have a standard 7" rise and have a wide 15" run to either sit on or hold large potted plants.  The 15" wide benched are held above the deck by 6"x6" cedar posts.

The deck leading off the laundry room consists of a small platform and three steps fanning out in three directions.  There is a pergola above with wisteria vines climbing on vertical wires located on two sides of the deck.

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