A Creekside Seat

When working in a watershed area common building practices go out the window and a whole new level of care comes into play. 

Being only 20' from a running protected creek we needed to scrutinize every piece of material we use that could perk toxins into the water.  After some serious research we came to a wood product by TimberSIL to provide all of the word for the deck.  TimberSIL is a non-toxic fusion of wood and glass, producing an ideal natural product that is many times stronger than composite products. TimberSIL wood is fire retardants, will not rot or decay, and carries a 40-year warranty.  The finish is from Seal-Once that has zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), is non-toxic, and when Seal-Once dries on a substrate, it does not leach out or become hydrolytically unstable.

From an aesthetic standpoint we have tucked the stairway into a nook in the house, are using old hand-huen beams as deck posts, and have wrapped the support pilings in veneer stone.  To minimize any visual  obstruction of the creek we are using an anodized thin metal railing.

ECO Building Solutions is "improving the planet one home at a time" .